Capital City: Male
Timezone: GMT+5
Country Calling Code: +960
Currency: MVR

1 CNY = 2.51 MVR

1 USD = 15.69 MVR

1 EUR = 19.31 MVR

1 GBP = 22.82 MVR

1 AUD = 15.69 MVR

These rates were valid at time of writing.
Please check for exact exchange rates.

Weather & When to Visit


Maldives experience a tropical warm climate with plenty of sunshine year round. There is only a slight variation in temperature throughout the day. Weather greatly depends on the monsoons, in Southwest (May to November) and in the Northeast (December to April). The hottest month is April, the coolest one is December and February is the driest. Because of the equatorial location, storms are rare in the Maldives.

Events & Festivals


The republic of Maldives is famous for its natural beauty and its rich cultural heritage. This island country has its traditions intact. The people of Maldives like to celebrate their festivals in a gala way. The festivals of Maldives are filled with fun, frolic and excitement. People take these festivals as opportunities to come together and have fun with their friends and families.

There are a number of festivals celebrated in the country during which a sense of unity can be felt in the air of Maldives. Maldives is decorated during the celebrations of festivals. The streets of the country are decorated with flags of red and green colors. This is a symbol of patriotism which the people of Maldives choose to incorporate in their festivities.

Apart from these religious festivals, there are some national festivals as well celebrated in Maldives. These festivals include National Day of Maldives, Independence Day of Maldives and Republic Day of Maldives. To read about some of the popular festivals celebrated in Maldives, please go to



A 30 day free visa is issued on arrival for all nationalities, and passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the arrival date. Visa extensions are granted by the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Male. For more information please see



Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE) also known as Malé International Airport, is located on Hulhulé Island, about 2.5km (1.5 miles) northeast of Malé. As a main international airport in Maldives, airlines cover many countries’ destinations including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Shanghai, London and Moscow. It has one terminal with both domestic and international wings. Read more on: Gan International Airport (GAN) is an other airport located on the island of Gan in Addu Atoll (also known as Seenu Atoll). As a key tourism gateway to Maldives, it has one terminal serving international and domestic airlines year-round. Read more on:

Things to Consider


  • Cover yourself properly when visiting inhabited islands and Male. For men shorts and a shirt are acceptable. Women are expected to cover their arms and thighs. 
  • While swimming trunks, bikinis and other beachwear is the norm on the resort, they are not acceptable on inhabited islands.
  • Remember that nudism in public places is prohibited.
  • Traditionally Maldivians eat with their hands. If you wish to follow the local tradition keep in mind that it is considered unhygienic to touch food with the left hand. If in doubt use a spoon. 
  • Be conscious of the delicate local environment. Do not touch or pick corals when diving or snorkeling.


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