Sri Lanka

Capital City: Sri Jayawa
Timezone: UTC+5:30
Country Calling Code: +94
Currency: LKR

1 CNY = 0.05 LKR

1 USD = 0.31 LKR

1 EUR = 0.38 LKR

1 GBP = 0.45 LKR

1 AUD = 0.31 LKR

These rates were valid at time of writing.
Please check for exact exchange rates.

Weather & When to Visit


Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine and warmth year round. There is a dry and wet season caused by monsoons. The Yala monsoon brings rainfall to the country’s southern and western regions from May to September, while the dry season is December through March. From October to January, The Maha monsoon affects northern and eastern regions with frequent rains. The dry season here usually lasts from May to September. The inter-monsoonal period, from October and November, brings frequent rain and thunderstorms to the entire island. Despite the above, Sri Lanka is great to visit year round. The best time for most is the dry season with sufficient sunlight from December to March in west and south coast, May through September in east and north coast.

Events & Festivals


Year round there are festivals, ceremonies and event happening in Sri Lanka. One of the most important Buddhist celebrations is in August. Kandy Perahera (also known as Esala Perahera) takes place in Kandy. Celebrations include richly decorated elephants, fire-juggling acrobats, dancers, musicians, whip crackers, torch bearers, swordsmen and thousands of barefoot pilgrims.

Kataragama shrine’s annual Esala Festival is another famous celebration in August. The spectacular performance of devotees walking over burning coals or turning up with huge earthenware vessels on their heads are among many fascinating performances during Esala Festival. Tourists from all over of the world come to enjoy the local celebrations. It’s well worth going out of your way to see. For more information, please visit



All travelers (except Singaporean and Maldivian nationals) to Sri Lanka must have Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter. ETA can let you have 30 days maximum stay, double-entry within 3 months. You can apply online through the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), the cost is US$15-US$30 depending on your nationality. Add US$5 if you want to apply for a visa on arrival. Passport with one blank page and valid at least 6 months is required for all tourists. Children under 12 years old are free of charge.



Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) is the country’s only airport serving international flights for the moment, located 32km (20 miles) north of Colombo city center. It has one terminal and another new terminal building is scheduled for completion in 2015. Read more on

Things to Consider


  • As a general rule, tipping is not expected unless you feel the service has been special.
  • Sometimes driver can also be your guide, for a little extra tip.
  • Hotel and restaurant bills include a 10 percent service charge as well as a 12.5 percent government tax (GST).
  • When entering sacred areas, it is customary to remove your shoes and walk barefoot within the designated area. This may also be the case in people's homes. Socks are recommended.
  • Women are suggested to wear long skirts or loose trousers and a modest blouse to cover the shoulders & knees.
  • Do not take photos with your back to Buddha statues. If you encounter a Buddhist monk or a Hindu swami and would like to greet him in the traditional way, hold your hands together as if in prayer and raise them to your forehead.
  • Do not shake hands. Food should be handled with the right hand only, as the left is considered unclean.
  • When handing objects to another person, either the right hand or both hands should be used.
  • Foreigners are usually charged more than locals for entrance fees.


Whilst Classic Travel does our best to keep information updated, it is always advisable for you to double-check details for your specific trip as information can change without notice, particularly in regards to arrival & departure airport  terminals, visa requirements and airport/port fees.